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Preparing for College: Plan Ahead to Make the Most Out of Your High School Experience

By Harrison Cheng, Stratford Preparatory College Counselor  Preparing for college is akin to training for a sport. My students will often hear me refer to college admissions like the Olympics. Many sports from diving to figure skating have two components to the score: difficulty and execution. Similarly, college admissions have…
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Potty Training: Which Method Is Right for Your Family?

10 Potty Training Books to Help Parents Find the Right Method and Get Started! There are many schools of thought on when and how to “Potty Train” or “Toilet Learn” a child. However, the real question to ask is how do you know which Potty Training method or philosophy will…
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Stratford School Preschoolers learn to code with Dash robots

Cultivating Coding Skills in Kids

Why Coding is the Essential New Educational Literacy and How Starting Early Can Make All The Difference for Your Child Introducing Coding Concepts in Preschool At Stratford School, we start early — building the foundation of critical thinking and coding skills in preschool. In a quickly changing world that is…
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Audiobooks and Literary Podcasts for Kids That Encourage Gratitude

From Stratford’s Head Librarian Keira Pride and Chief Academic Officer Jeanne Huybrechts When we are asked if audiobooks are a good choice for our young readers, our reply is a resounding, “Yes!” Listening to good books read aloud has established benefits – both cognitive and in terms of convenience. The…
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Books to Celebrate the Spooky Season!

The children’s books we have selected for October reading speak to the ‘scary’ season prevalent in many cultures, with tales of ghosts, graveyards, and zombies, and references to folklore and superstitions embedded in both Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. Scary stories have an enduring appeal, and nearly every fall,…
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