4 Tips for a Successful School Year 

September 2, 2016 

The new school year is upon us, and what an exciting time it is! Stratford School has prepared a variety of fun, engaging STEAM lessons and academic enrichment projects for their students. However, as teachers and parents know, starting school can be a time of stress and worry. Follow the tips below for an easier transition into the academic year. 

Get a good night’s rest for school

Throughout the school year, getting plenty of sleep is important for children. The American Academy of Sleep medicine states that children six to 12 years old need nine to 12 hours of sleep per night. Studies have found links between sleep deprivation and poorer cognition in children, including problems with attention and short-term memory. Other studies have even linked longer duration of sleep to better academic performance and IQ, compared to students getting less sleep but who are not technically sleep-deprived. Walon, A. G. (2016, June 16). How Much Sleep Do Kids Need? Probably More Than They're Getting. Retrieved fromhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2016/06/15/how-much-sleep-do-kids-need-probably-more-than-theyre-getting/ - 5172e4a11a46.

Make school shopping fun!

Customization is fun! Children will enjoy helping to pick out their backpack/lunch bag/water bottle for school. They can pick out some supplies and donate to a local charity to help other children have a successful start to school, if a school provides all their school supplies. Change can make children feel out of control. Providing them with some choices may help them feel more in control.

Be specific about what your child may expect for the first days of school.

Children can prepare for school with their parents by using the teacher’s name and talking about what friends they may see on the playground, or the excitement of meeting new playmates. It can also be useful for them to discuss what special lunch they’ll have, and school activities they may enjoy.

Use this time for family goal setting.

Whether it is an academic, physical, or social goal, now is a good time for children to plan what they will work on during the school year. Elementary and Middle School students may set their own reasonable goals, such as, running for student council, reading ten chapter books, learning a new coding language, running a faster mile, etc. For preschool students, a good goal might be to try new things and to be open to learning from mistakes if they do not succeed right away.

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