Destination Imagination Team Advances to Global Competition

Another day, another great accomplishment from our Stratford students! A team of students from our Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School has advanced to the global level of the Destination Imagination Challenge Competition.

Destination Imagination Challenges are designed to be a fun and engaging system of learning to teach students the creative process. Students gain knowledge and experience in creative and critical thinking, project management, team building, conflict resolution, STEM, perseverance, and a completion mindset—the very skills needed to thrive in any chosen career.

Our students worked on the Engineering challenge called "In it Together." To solve this challenge, the team designed, built, and tested freestanding structures to work together in order to hold maximum weight. The team developed a strategy for the placement of the structures on the structure tester. The team also created and presented a story about an international issue, and how different nations worked together to solve it.

Our team, the “Electric Ninja Devils,” won first place in the regional level competition and when on to place third in the state competition in Sacramento. The Electric Ninja Devils have now been invited to participate in the global competition in Tennessee!

Congratulations Welford Chen, Dylan Choy, Kahaan Parikh, Mihir Buty, Patryk Becla, Hamza Adil, and Victor Wan, also known as the Electric Ninja Devils!

Read more about the Global competition here: