How Has Stratford Prepared You for High School?

The transition to high school is a frightening process. It requires us to leave our comfort zone while being immersed into an utterly unfamiliar environment. That is not to mention the application process; with deadlines looming, essays to write, and tests to take, the process is tedious and confusing. However, I along with my schoolmates are extremely lucky to attend a school that prepares us thoroughly for high school next year.

Stratford challenges us with a rigorous curriculum that is preparatory for high school. Countless alumnis return to our campus to narrate their high school experience, and how Stratford made the change to high school easy. Also, Stratford teaches us 21st Century skills seamlessly, promoting critical thinking and creativity. For example, many of our classes such as science and history no longer test rote memorization, but give questions that allow us to expand our thoughts and apply our knowledge.

In our language arts class, we delve into books and evaluate deeper meanings. Teachers are always there to give suggestions, refining our writing skills to the level of high school. Also, paramount within the high school application process are the essays. Stratford’s language arts classes encompass that completely, with teachers guiding us throughout the way. For the past few weeks, our teachers and principal have given all sorts of suggestions as to how to write our essays. In fact, our language arts teacher meets with us one on one to discuss and proofread essays.

Family meetings and mock high school interviews are also woven into Stratford preparation for high school. Ms. Pina, our vice principal, sets up mock interviews for us after school. I have already attended one with her in the past week, and it was extremely helpful. Ms. Pina also meets with our parents and us to go over the high school transition, and often sends or posts deadlines and reminders.

Stratford provides us with all the resources for a smooth transition to high school, as well as leading us through the application process. I find that Stratford’s help in preparation for high school is absolutely indispensable.

This blog post was written by Stratford San Jose Middle School student, Claire Luo.