How Sports Help Students Achieve in School

Reopening and Reuniting at Stratford in the Age of COVID-19

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While we often hear about the physical benefits of children playing sports, the positive effects of physical education and sports are not only physical. Research shows that sports are an integral component to academic success, as regular, team-based exercise can boost brain health. A child who participates in team sports also develops discipline, accountability, the skills to be a team player, and self-confidence that is greater than children who skip sports.

To give your child a boost in the classroom, consider signing them up for team sports. Need more reasons to get them out on the field or the court? Here are five proven benefits of sports that will help your child excel academically.

How Do Sports Help Students Achieve Academic Success?

Brain Development

Studies have shown that exercising helps stimulate chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells, as well as the growth and survival of new brain cells. Regular workouts also increase neural pathways by strengthening the connections from one nerve to the next.

These benefits mean that your child will likely demonstrate better memory function, an increased ability to concentrate, advanced problem-solving skills, and more creativity in school.


Playing sports teaches kids to be accountable. When playing team sports, your child learns that they have to be an equal participant to help the team. If one team member isn’t giving it their all, it affects the team as a whole.

Learning about personal accountability is an essential part of success in the classroom. Sports help your child understand the importance of taking responsibility for getting their work done on time and being accountable for a poor grade instead of blaming external forces.

Mental Wellbeing

A child participating in sports regularly receive powerful psychological benefits, including decreased rates of anxiety and depression, increased reported well-being, and improved body image.  As your child navigates the inevitable stress of school, having an outlet like sports will help to minimize negative effects stress and social pressures have on their mental wellbeing and happiness.


To be successful in school and their future careers, kids have to be able to work as a part of a group. STEM education is based on providing lessons based on real-world examples and requires students to work collaboratively to finish a project or reach a goal. There are few things better than sports to teach kids the importance of teamwork, and how it can make it easier to achieve a goal.


Life is not a spectator sport, and self-confidence is an essential part of success in sports, school, and work. Researchers have found that physical activity plays a strong role in increasing self-esteem. This self-confidence translate well to academic success, from tackling a new project to speaking up during class discussions. 

How Can Stratford School Help?

At Stratford School, we recognize the important role that sports play in helping our students achieve in the classroom. From learning how to work on science projects as a team to having the self-confidence to dive into a complex engineering project, sports help our students be the best they can be. To get your child involved in sports this summer, check out our range of team sports camps today!