A Letter from Stratford School's CEO

Dear Los Angeles parents and families, 

I am proud and excited to introduce Stratford School to Southern California. Born in the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation is valued and rewarded, we have 20 campuses and 16 years of success. True to our Silicon Valley roots, we design our curriculum to stimulate engagement and motivate learning. ​

We lead in our approach to the sciences, technology, engineering, arts and math, and we inspire children to reach their full potential while nurturing and respecting the joy of childhood. We do so, in a positive environment, and without fundraising! 

Students leave Stratford prepared to excel at the very best high schools and colleges in the world. That seems like a million years away as you focus on choosing the right pre-school, kindergarten, or elementary school. Finding the right school in Los Angeles is a daunting prospect. I know firsthand. 

In 2006, we moved our family from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles. At the time, our son was entering his junior year of high school and was accepted at a top private school. We enrolled our daughter, who was starting 2nd grade, in a highly rated LAUSD elementary school. After a few years in public school, our daughter left to attend a wonderful private school - 18 miles away from our home. Such are the sacrifices we make for our children. 

From the perspective of education, both private and public, I am very familiar with what Los Angeles has to offer parents. That is why I am confident that the expansion of Stratford School to Southern California will be a welcome option for families looking for a quality, affordable, dynamic educational experience for their children. 

I look forward to meeting you and sharing what makes Stratford School special: our proven curriculum, the outstanding results of our students, and testimonials from our happy parents, to name just a few. 


Shawn Weidmann
Chief Executive Officer