Top College Majors for STEM/STEAM Students

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Whether your child is just starting kindergarten or beginning to apply to colleges, he or she has likely already thought about a future dream job. If he or she has shown interest in science, technology, engineering, or math at school, your child would likely excel in a STEM/STEAM role.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 8.6 million jobs were STEM-based in the year 2015, with seven out of ten of those focused on computer technology. Additionally, it is projected that STEM-based careers will grow by as much as 28.2% by 2024.

Clearly, students who choose a major in a STEM/STEAM field will likely find a rewarding, lucrative career upon graduation. Below, we compiled a guide to some of the top majors chosen by STEM and STEAM students.

Information Technology (IT)

Information technology is currently one of the top in-demand positions in the STEM field. Successful IT professionals need to demonstrate a firm grasp on a range of skills, including computer programming, network management, database fundamentals, systems analysis, and web design processes. A STEM education, with its focus on technology, mathematics, and engineering, easily sets students up for success in an IT role in the future.

Information Systems Security

With hacking and data breaches dominating the news, it’s no surprise that the demand for security engineers is drastically rising. A computer information systems security major focuses on access control, network security, mobile device security, cyber security, database security, and e-commerce security that keep both businesses and individuals safe when they use the internet. A STEM/STEAM curriculum ensures students are comfortable with advanced coding principles, making them great candidates for a role in computer security after graduation.Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is one of the highest-earning jobs in the workplace. Industries who need computer engineers include medical science, transportation, energy, aerospace, telecommunications, government, and education. From day one, a STEM education begins to prepare students to take on roles in computer engineering. Curriculums including robotics, machine learning, and coding all provide students with the necessary skills to excel in computer engineering positions.

Computer Programming

Not just about binary code and mainframes, graduates with a computer programming degree know advanced coding and app creation. A modern computer programmer handles user-centered designs, enterprise and mobile application programming, data structures, graphical interface development, and database systems. With a strong focus on coding principles throughout the curriculum, a STEM/STEAM student will easily find themselves ahead of the pack when they start their computer programming degree in college.

Civil Engineering

A civil engineer is responsible for designing, planning, and researching the construction of resource and transportation infrastructure. Civil engineers need to have advanced knowledge of mathematics and engineering to design bridges, roads, airports, dams, and other structures. STEM/STEAM curriculums integrate projects that closely mimic real-life civil engineering feats, readily preparing students to tackle the role in college.

Petroleum Engineering

Over the past decade, the field of petroleum engineering has vastly diversified. One of the highest-earning careers in the STEM and STEAM educational track, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for petroleum engineers to grow exponentially over the next ten years. Like other engineering positions, students who complete STEM educations are uniquely set up for success in the role.

For students interested in a job in a science, engineering, or technology field, enrolling them in a STEM/STEAM school starting as early as pre-kindergarten can give them an academic edge. To learn more about how Stratford School’s unique STEAM curriculum can prepare your child for success in the major and job of his or her choice, schedule a tour of your local Stratford School today.