What is Summer Brain Drain, and How Do You Prevent It?

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While your kids may look forward to summer and not having to worry about school or homework for a few months, a summer completely free of learning may set them back. 0n average, students lose between two and three months of math and reading skills in the summer.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can prevent your children from falling behind their peers in the summer. Below, we dive into the concept of summer brain drain and how you can combat it to set your child up for success when school starts again.

What is summer brain drain?

As families make plans for the summer, many parents may be concerned about the “summer brain drain.” The summer brain drain, also called the “summer slide,” refers to the loss of skills and knowledge that can occur in the summer months.

Not only can summer learning loss put children at a disadvantage for the beginning of the school year, but it also can cause delays in classroom progress. Educators often spend the first six weeks of school re-teaching skills that students learned in the previous grade before they can move on to new material.

Summer learning loss can happen as early as first grade. As children grow older, this phenomenon can compound. By the time a student is in sixth grade, a consistent summer slide can cause a student to be two years behind their peers. 

How do you prevent brain drain?

Mixing educational activities into your child’s summer doesn’t have to feel like school. Depending on your child’s interests, you can add in a few fun, daily activities that will keep them on track for the school year.

Try incorporating some of these activities into your child’s summer plans for a fun way to keep their mind sharp:

  • Start a book club with your child where you read their favorite books throughout the summer.
  • Help your child start a journal documenting all their summer activities.
  • Set up scavenger hunts that lets your child run around while answering educational clues.
  • Download educational apps and encourage your child to beat their high score.
  • Purchase a robotics kit and build a robot together.
  • Teach them a new skill, like cooking or helping in the workshop.

How Stratford School helps fight brain drain

Stratford School recognizes the need to combat summer brain drain while still allowing children to decompress and have fun during the summer months. Our unique summer camp program enables children to continue learning and growing through the summer months through fun and engaging camps and programs.

Stratford’s flexible summer program also allows parents to balance summer camp with downtime – we know how easy it is to over-schedule a child in today’s fast-paced world.  It is just as important to allow a child to be a child, as unstructured, unplugged time allows children to explore their imagination and get outside.

Explore Stratford’s innovative and enriching summer program where learning is balanced with fun and children can run and play while still avoiding the summer brain drain. Learn more about Stratford School’s summer camps today!