Connecting students to their unique futures with preparedness, purpose, and passion

A Message From Our Founder, Sherry Adams

Since 1999, Stratford School has celebrated our time-honored tradition of cultivating the minds and hearts of our students. As Stratford School continues to deliver exceptional academic offerings for our students in preschool through middle school, the exciting path forward now includes high school. Stratford Preparatory School, opening Fall 2022, is a coeducational private day school, serving grades 6-12. We are excited to start this journey with the relocation of Stratford Raynor Middle School (grades 6-8) to our new Blackford Avenue campus in San Jose and welcome our first class of high school students in Grade 9.

At Stratford School, our learning purpose has always been “connecting students to their unique futures,” which reflects our commitment to show young people how they can successfully and independently navigate their lives and their world with a spirit of lifelong curiosity and empathy. Building upon this unifying purpose, Stratford Preparatory’s education outcomes are designed to be future-proof. Our Stratford Preparatory graduates will be prepared for continued success, even in the most demanding university and college programs, while their unique passions and talents are cultivated to their highest potential.

Our program fosters a blend of traditional disciplines and modern multidisciplinary areas of study, and encourages a wide variety of academic experiences that produce deep conceptual understanding, skill fluency, and strength of character. Our students are intelligent and caring people who are curious about the world. They are critical readers, compelling writers, structured and logical thinkers, mathematics and numeric scholars, data, visual and design-oriented thinkers, confident learners, generous in spirit, and eager to follow their own passions and support those of others.

Stratford Preparatory School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). With the addition of each grade level, a WASC representative reviews the program and operations to verify excellence. Stratford has always been successful in this review process and we expect the same for the High School.

  • Our Faculty

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    Our Faculty
  • Our Purpose & Principles

    Our school is a diverse and inclusive community that supports and encourages learning, connection, and belonging. This rich foundation is reflected in our Our Purpose, Promise, and Principles, enabling us to foster a lifelong love of growth and knowledge.

    Our Purpose & Principles
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

    Stratford Preparatory is a welcoming and inclusive community that seeks to reflect the diversity of Silicon Valley and encourages the exchange of multiple perspectives, experiences, and life stories.

    Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging
  • School Leadership

    Stratford Preparatory places a high mandate on supporting our students’ visions of their future goals with confidence, care, excellence, and respect. Our leaders are guided by our continuous improvement plan and united in their commitment to Our Purpose, Promise, and Principles.

    School Leadership