Stratford School now offers a continuous educational pathway from Preschool through Grade 12.

In response to years of feedback from our Stratford community, our key motivation for launching a Stratford high school was to create a seamless extension of Stratford’s robust program through Grade 12. Now families who choose Stratford for the preschool, elementary, or middle school years can feel confident that they have a continuous educational pathway for their children all the way to college.

How to Apply

We are excited to get to know your family through our clear and thoughtful admissions process. The process differs for Middle and High School applicants to Stratford Preparatory, so please review the appropriate section below based on the grade level(s) for which you’d like to apply.

  • Middle School

    Stratford welcomes new Middle School students (Grades 6-8) throughout the school year.

    Middle School
  • High School

    Stratford Preparatory High School prospects will be able to register for information sessions, submit applications, track application progress, and receive admissions notifications.

    High School
  • Tuition

    Stratford School’s tuition rates are for the full school year, which typically runs from the end of August through the beginning of June.