High School

Stratford Preparatory High School provides a future-focused and purpose-driven curriculum, fueled by a team of highly skilled teachers, access to a wide range of partnerships, co-curricular activities, and a supportive school community. Students emerge from high school with a personal commitment to be responsible shapers of the future in university and beyond.

Our highly specialized and challenging Stratford Preparatory High School curriculum is designed to provide students with breadth, depth, flexibility, and a combination of a customizable course catalog and shared student experiences.

Our course offerings include learning priorities in both traditional disciplines and modern multidisciplinary areas, foundational subject courses, and a variety of Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and college-level Advanced Studies courses. Our program places an emphasis on the application of complex knowledge and advanced skills to hands-on and/or real-world settings, creative projects, and independent research.

The program fosters sophisticated global competencies in our students: a complex and interrelated blend of traditional disciplines and modern multidisciplinary knowledge areas, skill fluency across a variety of interconnected concepts and disciplines, and positive character qualities. At each stage of their learning, students are anchored in a consistent practice of critical reflection, giving them the time and the tools to practice versatility, self-direction, deep investment, independence, and a strong sense of personal agency. The nurturing of these qualities is not just about students emerging from high school confident in taking control of their own life but making a personal commitment to be responsible shapers of the future in university and beyond.

Beyond the Advanced Placement Program
Stratford Preparatory offers Advanced Placement (AP) and Stratford Advanced Studies (SAS) courses. While we recognize the value of AP as a gold-standard program for college admissions, we also believe that in some cases AP courses may actually limit the scope and rigor of instruction our students are ready for. These SAS courses will set a standard for student learning that exceeds that of the College Board in select disciplines and prepares students for university-level classwork and culture.

By going “beyond AP,” all students are empowered and encouraged to pursue their interests as far as their skill level takes them. Our skilled teachers have the flexibility to design these SAS courses in ways that challenge, interrogate, and combine the deepest possible critical understanding with the most rigorously challenging application of those concepts and skills.

Stratford Preparatory’s AP courses are evaluated by the College Board’s AP Audit and prepare students for successful completion of AP exams.

Stratford Preparatory’s SAS courses comprise the school’s most rigorous coursework and most are recognized by colleges nationwide (including the University of California through the A-G approval process) as honors-level courses. These innovative courses are seen by college admission representatives as valuable and unique in helping our students stand out in a competitive pool.

View our School Overview which includes Advanced Placement and Stratford Advanced Studies program courses.