We believe athletics are an integral part of creating a positive, well-rounded school experience for our students. Seasoned coaches will help students build fundamental skills through sport-specific training while developing character and leadership qualities, teamwork and cooperation, self-discipline and resilience, and lifelong healthy habits.

Interscholastic Sports 

Starting in fall 2022, Stratford will become a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Central Coast Section (CCS) member, providing immediate opportunities to schedule games against local opponents. Once a CIF-CCS member, we will apply to join the Private School Athletic League (PSAL) competing with member schools in: 

Athletics Options by Season


  • Co-ed Flag
  • Boys Summer League Volleyball
  • Girls Summer League Volleyball
  • Boys Summer League Basketball
  • Girls Summer League Basketball

  • Boys Cross Country
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Tennis

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer

  • Boys Tennis
  • Co-ed Track & Field
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Co-ed Badminton


Intramural Sports

In addition to competitive league play, we offer a diverse program of intramural sports and activities to encourage students, faculty, and staff to come together and enjoy the benefits of physical activity and friendly competition without the time commitment required for interscholastic sports. 

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball (3:3, 5:5)
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball
  • Cricket
  • Flag Football
  • Futsal
  • Ping Pong


Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities include a gymnasium, six tennis courts, track and field, an expansive field for soccer and other sports, an athletic training room, and a student wellness center.