Middle School

Stratford Middle School prepares students for high school and beyond. Our intentional approach to educating the whole child results in young adults who are gifted communicators, skilled and generous collaborators, and creative problem solvers.

At the Middle School level, we accelerate our STEAM program with advanced instruction and project-based learning. Technology is integrated throughout our robust curriculum to further develop critical thinking and a deeper understanding of STEAM. Throughout the Middle School experience, our teachers build strong relationships with students that last beyond their time at Stratford. This unique approach empowers students to be self-reliant and to take responsibility for their own learning.

5th Grade
By the time Stratford students reach fifth grade, they have developed effective study skills, and a self-confidence that’s rare even in much older students.

They understand that to develop a thorough understanding of any subject, they must start with foundational elements, examine all aspects of a problem, ask questions to gain additional information, and work collaboratively to find a solution. When students graduate fifth grade, they’re ready for the exciting academic and social challenges of middle school.

6th Grade
Sixth grade students focus on a rigorous, core curriculum of math, literature, and language arts. They work collaboratively with their peers and further develop important life skills, such as creativity, collaboration and communication. Teachers provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where students are celebrated for their successes and encouraged to try again when they make mistakes.

Students also enjoy after-school clubs and competitive sports, where time with friends offers opportunities to take on leadership roles.

7th Grade
Stratford students “find their feet” in seventh grade. For the first time, they are able to choose specialty classes, including speech and debate, fine and performing arts, or Spanish. As they discover their individual interests and passions, students understand what they enjoy most about school, and begin thinking about what they will pursue in high school, college, and as a career.

Students use 21st century skills, such as communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, in every class.

8th Grade
Our eighth graders exhibit remarkable depth of character, respect for their school community, and the “sparkling intelligence” that characterizes all Stratford students.
The integration of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) into all aspects of our curriculum allows students to explore areas requiring core knowledge, as well as their individual passions such as musical theater, foreign language, and creative writing.

Students graduate ready to excel in high school, as gifted communicators, skilled collaborators, and creative problem solvers.