Our Purpose & Principles

Our school is a diverse and inclusive community that supports and encourages learning, connection, and belonging. This rich foundation is reflected in our Our Purpose, Promise, and Principles, enabling us to foster a lifelong love of growth and knowledge.

Our Purpose, Our Promise and Our Learning Principles together form the guiding statements that shape our commitment to high quality learning and teaching.

Our Purpose

“Connecting students to their unique futures,” reflects our commitment to show young people how they can successfully and independently thrive in a transforming world.

Our Promise

Our graduates will be prepared for the most demanding university/college programs and continuing lifelong success, while nurturing students’ unique talents.

Stratford Preparatory’s education outcomes are designed to be future-focused. Our program fosters a complex and interrelated blend of traditional disciplines and modern multi-disciplinary studies, encourages a wide variety of academic experiences along with deep conceptual understanding, skill fluency, and strong moral character. Our students are intelligent and caring people who are curious about the world. They are critical readers, compelling writers, mathematics and numeric scholars, data, visual and design-oriented thinkers, confident learners, generous in spirit, and eager to follow their own passions and support those of others.

Our Learning Principles

Our Learning Principles guide our educational practices across all dimensions of the Stratford Preparatory program. They reflect cognitive research about how students best learn across different disciplines and connect to practical implications for instruction and program design.

We provide our teachers with immersive training and ongoing support in teaching methods backed by cognitive science. As a result, teachers continually expand their toolkits to better inspire and motivate students to learn difficult things well.