School Community

A community of inclusion and diversity in culture, experience, and thought.

Our Students 

Our students are exceptional scholars, as evidenced by their results on third-party standardized assessments compared to other independent schools, and demonstrate strength of character as kind and thoughtful young people. Through a purposeful variety of activities and programming, we help students discover and affirm their unique identities, build on those identities by helping to instill a sense of belonging and purpose, and building their confidence in their uniqueness with a broad range of leadership and learning opportunities.

Our Teachers 

Research has consistently identified inspiring and skillful teachers as the most meaningful factor influencing a student’s scholastic achievements. Our teachers are curious, kind, and authentic subject experts. Their own passion for their discipline engages the students, and nurtures a similar love of learning. Most of our faculty hold advanced degrees or specialized experiences in their discipline; all embody the mindsets, values, and skills to carry out our learning purpose. 


  • Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

    Stratford Preparatory is a welcoming and inclusive community that seeks to reflect the diversity of Silicon Valley and encourages the exchange of multiple perspectives, experiences, and life stories.

    Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging